Review & Photos from Manchester Academy

A review has been posted from the Manchester Academy gig last night, written by Caitlin Maxwell from Hive Magazine.

A snippet of the review is included below. You can read the rest of the review on Hive Magazine.

They played an astounding 23 songs and the crowd never tired for a moment during any of it! They pull funny faces, do funny stunts and tell hilarious jokes whilst on stage and it was more than entertaining.

Caitlin Maxwel

A gallery of Caitlin’s Reel Big Fish photos is included below. Check out Caitlin’s Flickr for more photos, these include photos of the support bands Suburban Legends & The Skints.

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When touring lots of Q&A’s get posted to various sites, today a new one was posted on A snippet from the Q&A is included below discussing the possibility a new RBF album this year. Fingers are crossed that it is this year and isn’t going to another year before we see what will hopefully be a “New Material Album”.

Photo taken by Jeremy Snell.

OS: Are we going to see a new RBF album this year?

AB: Either late this year or the very beginning of 2012… we hope!

Discussion on about the forthcoming album has been ongoing for a while, you can join in by posting in our forum.

Read the complete Q&A on

Reel Big Fish hit the UK

Reel Big Fish has hit the UK leg of the 20th Anniversary Tour after getting over to the UK in the early hours of the morning. Kicking things off in Nottingham at Rock City as usual Reel Big Fish pulled out all the stops and made it a great night.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the first 2 support bands The Skints and New Riot. I heard good things about both The Skints and New Riot from the crowd. I’ll be catching both bands at another gig in the coming weeks

Suburban Legends got the crowd dancing with ‘The Rabbit’ on drums. Unfortunately I got to the gig halfway through their set and spent another quarter of it grabbing a drink from the bar. Plenty of other gigs coming up to see them and hear the new songs they played again.

Shortly after Suburban Legends finished their set Reel Big Fish took to the stage, starting off with Sell Out the crowd instantly came alive. The setlist for the show seemed to be cut down as the night had to come to an end early due to the venue having a club night on, but all the usual songs you’d expect to hear were played. As well as my personal highlight of the night “241”.

A girl I met on the night hadn’t heard Reel Big Fish before but agreed to come along with her mate, she looked like she was enjoying it just as much as everyone else. Also great to see that so many of the audience was seeing Reel Big Fish for the first time.

I’m a fan of banter within the gaps between songs, although there seemed to be very little banter this time. My highlight was Johnny Christmas skanking on stage, with Dan then taking over with his interpretation following shortly after. Then the band jumped into “241”.

Similar banter at Revolution 2011…

As usual it was one hell of a show with the band putting in more than 100%. It was my first Reel Big Fish gig without Scott in the lineup, while he was missed by the crowd and the performance missed his edge Reel Big Fish is very much still a favorite of mine. Just like any other Reel Big Fish gig i’ve been to, I wanted it to carry on for a few more hours.

Reel Big Fish to play SlamDunk Festival

Reel Big Fish will be back over in the UK for SlamDunk Festival 2011. Playing alongside Less Than Jake as joint headliners for the festival which will return to both Leeds University (28th May) and Hertfordshire University in Hatfield (29th May). This will be the first time Reel Big Fish & Less Than Jake have played together in the UK.

More bands for the festival will be announced in the run up to the festival, for now the following bands have been announced… 3oh!3, The Starting Line, We Are The Ocean, Mayday Parade, Framing Hanley, Deaf Havana and MC Lars.

For more information visit the SlamDunk Music website here.

Scott says Farewell to Reel Big Fish

As rumoured on our forums for the past few weeks Scott has now officially said farewell to Reel Big Fish. A post on the Official Reel Big Fish website contained a message from Scott noting his reasons and his love of Reel Big Fish fans worldwide.

Dear Friends,

It is with overwhelming mixed emotions that I write this letter to announce my departure from Reel Big Fish. This decision has weighed heavily on the heart and mind of my wife and I. We found out in September that we were pregnant with our first child. A baby girl. We spent many nights debating back and forth over the subject of how to best arrange our lives to create the most safe and comfortable environment for our daughter. After much deliberation, we arrived at the conclusion that there was no way to create the home we envisioned without us both being present, to watch over and participate in the building of that home. Brick by loving Brick. In light of this announcement, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for making one of the most important phases of my life as beautiful and rich as anything I have ever known. The man I stand as today is a direct byproduct of all of you wonderful people who have allowed myself and the rest of the guys to be apart of your lives. Those of you who have allowed us to entertain you in an attempt to make real human connections through our music. You all are true blessings in my life and I will never forget all that you have done for the band, my bandmates, my family and for me. I will deeply miss watching you all, as you dance, smile, sweat and sing along. No one could ask for a better group of fans, (fans almost seems like too crass a word to describe you all, but i lack a better word at the moment). Your love and support have always been the fuel that make Reel Big Fish continue to move forward. And when I tell my daughter stories of my time in the band, I will probably become misty eyed, like I am now, when I remember all of your beautiful faces. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. And remember, don’t let your dreams stand waiting in the wings. Invite them center stage. They need to be seen.

Much Love and Respect, Scott Allen Klopfenstein

Reel Big Fish will continue to tour the world in 2011 “and beyond”.

From we wish Scott and his family all the best for the future and I hope to hear some new solo material one day.

Reel Big Fish Gets a New Site

After months of having a page with a few links on Reel Big Fish now have a new website. With News and Tour Dates the site is a vast improvement.

Check it out here.

And we’re back…

So after months of wanting to upgrade the site it has finally been done. Now it may look a little odd at first but I asure you that this update will improve the site no end. You will notice a few things not quite right at the moment, namely formatting in forum posts and content not complete. I will be ticking off these final things while listening away to Reel Big Fish at my desk.

You will also notice a few features now missing from the site. I hope these things won’t be missed too much, if you do feel like i’ve removed something useful that was used please do let me know and i’ll see what I can do. After-all the site isn’t anything without you guys.