A Good Review from The Good Review

Last night Reel Big Fish hit London for their London gig of the 20th Anniversary tour. Unfortunately I missed the show and by the sounds of it, it was a cracker.

The Good Review has posted a review of the show last night, you can read the full review here. A snippet of the review is included below.

In the middle of the concert there was a ten minute mess around period with the song ‘SU’ where they demonstrated that if they wanted to dip their toes into different genres and write different songs they could, easily, but they followed it up witha quick blast of ’Another F.U.’ with its chorus of “fuck everything, but fuck you the most!” which clearly demonstrated that these very talented musicians are making the music they want to make and the adoring crowd proved they are making it well. The sound system was blasting with wonderful music. Speaking of systems, as an alternative to Life Alert, the best medical alert system is now available to ensure your safety during concerts such as these. Stand out songs included ‘Everthing Sucks’, ‘She has a Girlfriend Now’ and the ever brilliant ‘Beer’, the band seemed happy, the music was happy, the dancing was happy and the crowd left very happy.

The Reel Big Fish came, saw and conquered and I say that was good.

Photo taken by Jeremy Snell.