Reel Big Fish Celebrating their 25th Anniversary!

Can’t believe it’s been just over 10 years since I first saw Reel Big Fish live and that this year Reel Big Fish have been playing for 25 years! To celebrate Reel Big Fish are out on the road in 2016 for a world tour. Here’s what they had to say in their 25th Anniversary post

“Thanks SO much to everybody who has supported the band over the years by coming to the shows, buying our albums and merch and allowing us to make playing music our job! All year long at our shows we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary by playing songs from our first 1992 demo tape! You’ll hear songs like “the May Song”, “Soma Holiday”, High Chair” and all the great songs from WAY back in the day…JUST KIDDING, We won’t be playing any songs from our first couple of years as a band because NOBODY including us would enjoy that! Haha We’ll be playing songs from all the great albums we’ve made over the years, especially the classic 90′s albums “Turn the Radio Off” and “Why Do They Rock So Hard” as well as some other favorites and a few other surprises! So get your tickets now for our 25th Anniversary tour! We’ll See ya out on the road in 2016!!”

So check out their tour dates!

Don’t Stop Skankin’

Reel Big Fish have debuted their new music video for “Don’t Stop Skankin'”, posting on their Facebook page

“We’re so excited and proud to be able to finally debut our NEW Music Video for “Don’t Stop Skankin'” Directed by Tim Thompson who did an awesome job making this thing! And a big shout out to all the extras who came out and danced their asses off all day at the shoot, you guys rule! Just try and sit still while you watch it! We guarantee you won’t be able to stop skankin’!!”


Candy Coated Fury out July 31st 2012

Reel Big Fish will release their new album on the 31st July. Preorder it now right here.

You can also win one of five signed copies of the album by entering their competition. To enter “Pin It to Win it” on Pinterest here.

As well as the CD the band are selling 2 packages. Package 1 includes a CCF T-Shirt and Package 2 includes the CCF T-Shirt and a 18″x24″ Reel Big Fish Floor mat.

Listen to a preview right here…

I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore

“I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore” from Reel Big Fish’s upcoming “Candy Coated Fury” album has been uploaded by the band following the leak of a low quality version.

Check it out…

Discuss the teaser in our forum here.

“Candy Coated Fury” Teaser

Reel Big Fish have uploaded a teaser for their upcoming “Candy Coated Fury” album which is due out this Summer. Discuss the teaser in our forum here.

Reel Big Fish to work on new album

After asking Facebook fans to like a post on their wall Reel Big Fish quickly hit the 10,000 “like” target. Now with over 11,000 likes the band responded with “Wow! From the amount of likes on that last post, we guess that makes it official: Our fans want a new album of new songs!”.

We’re looking forward to it!

Buy Aaron Barrett’s guitar, signed by the band

Reel Big Fish are auctioning off Aaron’s guitar for Charity. 100% of the proceeds are going to the American Lung Association’s “Fight For Air Climb”. Reel Big Fisg are sponsoring Katrina Kinzler (vocals on ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’ on “A Best of Us for the Rest of Us”).

The guitar itself is not playable as the neck is broken but has been signed by the whole band. You’ll receive the body of the guitar, which will be perfect for a display.

**note the guitar neck is broken, so it is not playable. You will be getting the body of this guitar, & its perfect for display!

To sponsor Katrina follow this link.

Click here to view the auction.

Reel Big Fish Southampton

So Reel Big Fish have left the UK, for a few months anyway. They will be back in May for SlamDunk festival.

I headed down from Birmingham to the last show of the UK leg of the tour in Southampton. I managed to bag a photo pass for the show thanks to Jenn Ringrose and Mr Dan Reagan. The photos from the gig are included below. This was the first time taking photos at a gig. It isn’t as easy as it looks I can tell you, especially with 10+ people in the photo pit at once. Photos of the support bands can be seen on my Flickr. I had great fun as usual.

I met Suzie from New Reviews, who has done a great write up of Reel Big Fish’s last evening in the UK for this tour. This includes a write up for each of the support bands, New Riot, The Skints and Suburban Legends and pretty much sums up the night. You can read it by clicking here.

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Next up… SlamDunk!

Dan aka Black Casper Releases Molehills Out Of Mountains

Dan under his alias Black Casper has released Molehills Out Of Mountains. It was released on the 27th January and is available on Amazon for $.2.97, it is also available on iTunes.

If you liked Talkin’ Bout A Revolution – Black Casper Re-Mix on Reel Big Fish’s ‘Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album’ you might like the 3 tracks Heraling, Jackboot Deviation and Molehills Out of Mountains.

Click here to view Molehills Out Of Mountains on Amazon.

A Good Review from The Good Review

Last night Reel Big Fish hit London for their London gig of the 20th Anniversary tour. Unfortunately I missed the show and by the sounds of it, it was a cracker.

The Good Review has posted a review of the show last night, you can read the full review here. A snippet of the review is included below.

In the middle of the concert there was a ten minute mess around period with the song ‘SU’ where they demonstrated that if they wanted to dip their toes into different genres and write different songs they could, easily, but they followed it up witha quick blast of ’Another F.U.’ with its chorus of “fuck everything, but fuck you the most!” which clearly demonstrated that these very talented musicians are making the music they want to make and the adoring crowd proved they are making it well. The sound system was blasting with wonderful music. Speaking of systems, as an alternative to Life Alert, the best medical alert system is now available to ensure your safety during concerts such as these. Stand out songs included ‘Everthing Sucks’, ‘She has a Girlfriend Now’ and the ever brilliant ‘Beer’, the band seemed happy, the music was happy, the dancing was happy and the crowd left very happy.

The Reel Big Fish came, saw and conquered and I say that was good.

Photo taken by Jeremy Snell.